The Top 5 Carp Fishing Rigs You Need to Try

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Carp fishing is a popular sport that requires proper gear and techniques to succeed. One of the most important aspects of carp fishing is choosing the right rig for the job. A carp fishing rig is a combination of a hook, line, and other components that are used to attract and catch carp. In this article, we’ll introduce you to the top 5 carp fishing rigs you need to try.

The Hair Rig

The Hair Rig is one of the most popular carp fishing rigs and is a great option for beginners. This rig consists of a hook with a length of hair attached to it, which is used to attach the bait. The hair allows the carp to pick up the bait without feeling the weight of the hook. To tie a hair rig, you’ll need a hook, a length of hair, and some bait. This rig works well with baits such as boilies, sweetcorn, and pellets.

The Chod Rig

The Chod Rig is a versatile rig that can be used in various fishing conditions. It consists of a stiff, curved hook link with a pop-up bait attached to the hook. This rig is great for fishing over weed or other obstacles, as the curved hook link allows the bait to sit above any obstructions on the bottom. To tie a Chod Rig, you’ll need a stiff hook link, a hook, a rig ring, and a pop-up bait. This rig works well with baits such as pop-ups and boilies.

The Combi Rig

The Combi Rig is a popular rig that combines a stiff boom section with a soft hook link. This rig allows for better presentation of the bait, as the stiff boom section keeps the bait away from the lead, while the soft hook link provides natural movement. To tie a Combi Rig, you’ll need a stiff boom section, a soft hook link, a hook, and some bait. This rig works well with baits such as boilies and corn.

The Zig Rig

The Zig Rig is a specialized rig that is designed to fish near the surface of the water, where carp often feed. This rig consists of a long, buoyant hook link with a bait attached to the end. The buoyant hook link keeps the bait at the right depth in the water column. To tie a Zig Rig, you’ll need a buoyant hook link, a hook, and some bait. This rig works well with baits such as foam, pop-ups, and bread.

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The Ronnie Rig

The Ronnie Rig is a relatively new rig that has gained popularity in recent years. It consists of a curved hook with a small swivel attached to the shank of the hook. The swivel allows the bait to move freely and creates a more natural presentation. To tie a Ronnie Rig, you’ll need a curved hook, a swivel, a hook ring swivel, and some bait. This rig works well with baits such as pop-ups and boilies.


Choosing the right carp fishing rig is essential for success on the water. By trying out these top 5 carp fishing rigs, you’ll be able to find the rig that works best for your fishing needs. Remember to choose the rig that is suitable for the fishing conditions you are facing and use the right bait and fishing techniques for the rig you choose.

Have you tried any of these carp fishing rigs before? Do you have any tips or tricks for tying or using them effectively? We would love to hear about your experiences and insights in the comments below. Let’s start a discussion and help each other become better carp anglers. Happy fishing!


  1. What is a carp fishing rig?
    A carp fishing rig is a combination of a hook, line, and other components that are used to attract and catch carp. Rigs can vary in complexity and are designed for different fishing conditions.
  2. How do I choose the right carp fishing rig?
    To choose the right carp fishing rig, consider the fishing conditions you will be facing, such as water depth and clarity, and the type of bait you will be using. Different rigs work best in different conditions, so choose a rig that is suitable for your needs.
  3. How do I tie a carp fishing rig?
    To tie a carp fishing rig, you’ll need to gather the necessary components and follow the appropriate steps for the rig you want to tie. There are many online resources that provide step-by-step instructions and videos for tying different carp fishing rigs.
  4. What types of bait work well with carp fishing rigs?
    The best types of bait to use with carp fishing rigs include boilies, sweetcorn, pellets, pop-ups, foam, bread, and corn. Different rigs work better with different types of bait, so experiment to find what works best for you.
  5. Can I buy pre-made carp fishing rigs?
    Yes, pre-made carp fishing rigs are available for purchase at many fishing supply stores and online retailers. However, tying your own rigs can save money and allow you to customize the rig to suit your specific needs.
  6. Do I need specialized gear for carp fishing rigs?
    While specialized gear is not required, having the right equipment can make carp fishing easier and more enjoyable. Some specialized gear that may be useful for carp fishing includes a landing net, rod pods, bite alarms, and baiting tools.
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