ATHENS – Water level is about five inches high and clear. Water temp in the upper 60s.

Fishing guide Jim Brack says current fishing patterns remain unchanged from a week ago. Bass are still on beds in skinny water, but most are acting very spooky due to lots of fishing pressure. Best action coming on Senkos, shaky heads and wacky worms worked along outside grass edges in 8-10 feet of water. Crappie are up shallow spawning around docks, hitting jigs and shiners.

CEDAR CREEK – Water level is 1.60 feet low and fairly clear. Water temp in the upper 60s.

Fishing guide Jason Barber says blue cats, white bass and yellow bass are good on sand bars and humps in 10 feet or less, most on cut bait or slabs. Bass fishing been good to seven pounds, all shallow, in the backs of pockets and around docks using assorted moving baits and Texas rigs. Best depth is 2-6 feet. Crappie are excellent shooting docks and fishing jigs/shiners under a cork around rocks and in spawning coves..

FORK – Water level is about six feet low and stained to fairly clear. Water temp the upper 60s.

Fishing guide Brooks Rogers says lot of fish are still on beds. Best bets are tossing Senkos, lizards and spinnerbaits around big stumps and logs in spawning areas. Crappie fishermen still picking up limits long poling in the shallows with live shiners under a cork. Old timber also giving up limits; anglers with forward-facing sonar faring best.

‘PINES – Water level is about seven inches high and stained. Water temp in the upper 60s.

Jim Tutt says bass fishing has been good to nine pounds on buzz baits, wacky worms and speed worms up north targeting scattered grass. Farther south lots of fish are on beds in 2-4 feet, hitting wacky worms and Texas rigs. Crappie are good in 3-4 feet on flats up north, hitting jigs. Also some limits coming under the Highway 155 bridge. Main creeks are holding fish down south.

NACOGDOCHES – Water level is four inches high and falling with stained conditions. Water temp in the upper 60s low 70s.

Bass fishing slowed with big rain last week that spiked water levels and muddied the shallows in many areas. Moving baits are the ticket around shallow grass or wood. Also some fish hitting wacky worms and Senkos. Some post spawners setting up on hard bottom structure in 14-20 feet, hitting Carolina rigs and spoons. Fish are scattered. Anglers with forward facing sonar scoring some limits on crappie.

NACONICHE – Water level is at full pool and dirty from recent rains, in the upper 60s.

David Russell says some good quality fish are being reported shallow using lizards, creatures and frogs worked around wood and grass.

PALESTINE – Water level is nearly two inches high and stained to clear. Water temp in the 70s.

Fishing guide Ricky Vandergriff says bass are good on shallow using spinnerbaits, jerk baits, Senkos and small shad cranks. Some fish still on beds around docks down south. Crappie are good on the river, about 16 feet. Jigs or shiners are good bets. White bass are picking up on points, hitting spoons and Little Georges. Catfish are excellent around baited holes in 10 feet using minnows and night crawlers.

RICHLAND CHAMBERS – Water level is 2.22 feet low and fairly clear. Water temp in the upper 60s, low 70s.

Fishing guide Royce Simmons says crappie fishing has been good in skinny water using shiners and jigs under a cork from mid-lake south. Water depths of 2-4 feet are best. White bass are very good on slabs, targeting main lake points in 15-25 feet and the 309 Flats. Feeding gulls often lead to feeding fish. Blues and channel cat are fair on Kings punch bait soaked around timber up the Richland Creek arm. Also some nice blue cat reported from wind-blown points.

SAM RAYBURN – Water level is 1.64 feet low and stained to clear. Water temp in the upper 60s, low 70s.

Fishing guide Brian Branum says big rains upstream put the lake on a rise that should keep some water in the bushes and other shore cover. Bass fishing has been good shallow when the wind allows. Flipping plastics to wood or using Carolina rigged plastics, spinnerbaits and small mid-size swim baits are good bets. Also some spawning fish holding on flat points and channel edges. Buzz baits and topwaters have been effective early. Hard spots near point ends in 10-12 feet are giving up some post spawners on light Texas rigs and cranks. Shad spawn patterns will be key at first light over the next few weeks. Crappie fishermen plucking off brush piles in 20-22 feet using shiners or jigs. Forward-facing sonar is a plus.

TOLEDO BEND – Water is a foot low and stained to clear. Water temp in the upper 60s.

Fishing guide Tommy Martin says bass fishing has been good in skinny water, hitting Rogues and Texas-rig plastics with light slip sinkers in 2-4 feet. Several fish in the 10-12 pound range reported to the T-Bend big bass program in recent weeks.

Crappie are moving to brush and natural trees in 15-22 feet, mainly on shiners. Catfish are good up north on trotline sets tipped the cut or live bait.


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