Throwing live CRAB under a big bridge for whatever bites! We head out on a Florida saltwater fishing mission to see what we can catch! I did not expect for this to happen.. I did not expect for this to happen..

Have you ever fished in the saltwater with crabs? This definitely won’t be the last time I do some saltwater fishing with this bait!

Again, I want to thank each and every one of you for the support! At the time of this upload we just passed 456,000 I’m having so much fun making these videos, lets keep this rolling!

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Let me know if you guys like these saltwater kayak fishing and bridge fishing videos and if you’d want to see more videos like this!


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Fishing was done at a bridge in Florida


tight lines

31 thoughts on “Bridge Fishing with LIVE CRABS!! (Didn’t Expect This)

  1. FirstStateFishing says:

    Thanks for watching! 2 adventures and types of fishing in one day ! Appreciate the support!!

  2. Milo mr says:

    Conventional reel challenge

  3. Tim Haun Fishing says:

    Salt Water, Fresh Water. PB Bass day or Bluegill Buffet. First State Delivers.

  4. I’m_Random _seriously says:

    Flounder tip in Creeks, right where the water spills into a small pond and or stream is where they are

  5. Mark Moore says:

    Son unos LIKESEX.Uno de los mejores conciertos ❤️ Son unos de los mejores conciertos, no puede ir pero de tan solo verlos desde pantalla 3, se que estuvoi sorprendente…

  6. NoT qerzem says:


  7. Sink or Swim Creative Media says:

    The tug is the drug man keep pushing

  8. Marshall Howe says:

    What type of bait should I use for first time jetti fishing ever

  9. Suellen Gonçalves - Pesca Esportiva says:

    Your fishing equipment is fantastic, this pond has great fish, you are a very lucky fisherman, Congratulations!👍🎣🐟🐠🔝
    I love your videos! 🥰
    God bless you always!

  10. fishineveryday says:

    Looks like a blast.

  11. Kaden the Tryhard says:

    Whens the trout videoo?

  12. Kaden the Tryhard says:

    Top 20😵‍💫🔥

  13. Miles Away Fishing says:

    You need to hit me up next time you’re in my area. My favorite type of fishing! Awesome video! #MilesAwayFishing

  14. Bob Boatright says:

    Keep up the hustle


    You should try using dead squid as a bait and i would like to see more of the saltwater content! 🙂 Love youe vids

  16. slater leapley says:

    How come it says no views but plenty of comments and likes?

  17. Vivian Gutierrez says:

    OG subscriber!!! From SA TX🔥

  18. DE Clan says:

    Love videos

  19. Braidyn Trevino says:

    First like

  20. Adriangotaflyer says:

    Yoo fire vid

  21. Isolation Rods says:

    In before the bots, shout out from DE, hitting the surf Friday!

  22. xxtykori_15 says:

    Come fish in North Carolina

  23. Colleen Clark says:


  24. Kato Tornado says:

    Lets gooooooo🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  25. alexandro mendoza says:


  26. Braidyn Trevino says:

    Second comment

  27. Willy Keifer says:

    MY DUDE! Back with another BANGER!!

  28. Colleen Clark says:


  29. Tripp Bergeron says:

    First again

  30. Jord Bob says:


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